Blog Posts in August, 2018

  • How to Not Fall Prey to Insurance Company Tactics

    Insurance companies spend a lot of money on presenting an image to the public of a trusted service company that has your best interests in mind. From well-known spokespeople to catchy taglines, Big Insurance is not without its deceptive practices. Insurance companies make an effort to convince policyholders they can turn to them in their time of need. In actuality, insurance companies, even yours, ...
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  • The Insurance Claim Statement: Read This Before You Speak

    If you’ve been in an accident or opened up an insurance claim, you may be quickly contacted by an insurance investigator and asked to provide a statement. The insurance representative may initiate the conversation by asking how you are recovering from your accident. In reality, the question is motivated more by the company’s bottom line than compassion. They will then ask you to provide a quick ...
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  • Trust Fund Basics: Benefits and Protections

    Managing and Controlling Assets Trusts provide an avenue to pass wealth to your heirs while retaining some control over when and how they receive those funds. Because they are little understood, trusts are often overlooked as a vehicle for carrying out your wishes for your estate when you die. But they can effectively provide for your loved ones and give you a say in how and when that happens. To ...
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  • Top Tips for Asset Protection Planning

    Reaching Your Goals, Protecting Your Interests Proper asset protection planning can safeguard your hard-earned assets should you face legal trouble down the road. An essential step in financial planning, too many Californians overlook the importance of asset protection planning because they don’t consider what could happen if someone were to go after those assets in court. Asset protection ...
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  • Avoid These Easy Mistakes When Naming Beneficiaries

    Naming Beneficiaries Many people overlook the importance of naming life insurance, annuity, and retirement account beneficiaries. Often, making a mistake when naming a beneficiary will result in an expensive and lengthy probate process upon the policy or account holder’s death. Because these accounts and policies will provide for your loved ones when you die, the importance of avoiding these easy ...
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