Blog Posts in July, 2018

  • Facing Criminal Charges? Audit Your Social Media Accounts ASAP

    Your Public Life It should come as no surprise that what you post on social media is public. By sharing your personal life with friends and family online, you inadvertently share your life with everyone online, including the California criminal justice system . Thus, if you are facing criminal charges of any type, you should audit your social media accounts ASAP, and here’s why. Public Access ...
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  • Domestic Violence Involving Deadly Weapons: Increasing Penalties

    Domestic violence is treated as a serious offense in California, much more so when the offense involves a deadly weapon. In California, domestic violence involving deadly weapons can result in a charge of assault with a deadly weapon or assault with a firearm. The consequences of a charge of assault with a deadly weapon may differ from those of a domestic violence crime such as spousal (or ...
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  • 5 Tips for Claiming Self-Defense

    Many domestic violence incidents involve self-defense. Unfortunately, claiming self-defense as a defense to domestic violence charges isn’t foolproof. It’s not enough to claim you were using self-defense, and not all acts of self-defense leave you immune from criminal liability. To help clear up some of the common concerns regarding this defense tactic , here are five tips for when claiming ...
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  • Waiting to Get Behind the Wheel: Why Experts Can’t Agree on BAC Calculators

    Calculating BAC Blood alcohol concentration or content (BAC) is a critical legal element in DUI cases. Many assume BAC defines DUI in California statute, and indeed it plays a significant role. Unfortunately, breathalyzer devices can be inaccurate, and there is no sure-fire way to accurately calculate your BAC without a professional grade device or a blood draw . Even just using one of the many ...
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  • First Time Arrested? Here’s What You Need to Know

    An arrest is a stressful experience. It can happen quickly before you even know it. Police officers don’t waste time. If they have what they need to make an arrest (e.g. a warrant or probable cause), they will take action immediately. Then you’re put into the squad car and taken into the station for booking. Suddenly you are facing a reality you weren’t ready for and fearful for what happens next. ...
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  • How California’s Bail System Is Changing and Why

    States nationwide are fighting for bail reform. Proponents of bail reform argue certain bail practices disproportionately burden people of color and those with limited financial resources. When a dollar amount is all that keeps some behind bars while others walk free, the system is indeed flawed. California’s bail system is under attack and in need of reform, although the State is somewhat behind ...
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