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  • What is Bail?

    What is Bail? Under the United States Constitution, and under the California Penal Code, a defendants has a right to reasonable bail for most offenses. Bail is the monetary amount the defendant must pay before he can be released from custody while a criminal prosecution is pending. It basically ensures that the defendant will appear at all the court appearances, because failure to appear will ...
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  • Health And Safety Code Section 11550

    Health And Safety Code Section 11550 makes it illegal for someone in California to be under the influence of a controlled substance. The elements to this crime are: Defendant willfully used a controlled substance. Defendant was under the influence of the controlled substance. The Health And Safety Code has a rather exhaustive list of substances that are classified as “controlled.” Typically, for ...
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  • Disturbing the Peace: California Penal Code 415(1)

    California Penal Code section 415(1) is commonly referred to as disturbing the peace. It makes it a crime to fight, or challenge someone to fight in a public place. To be convicted of this crime, the district attorney must prove all of the following elements. You willfully and unlawfully fought or challenged someone else to fight. Willfully means that you purposefully intended to fight or ...
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