Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Best way to beat a DUI

    What is the best way to beat a DUI case? Most Visalia and Fresno criminal defense lawyers talk about ways of challenging a DUI or Driving Under the Influence case by talking about breath test, blood test, driving patterns, or field sobriety test. But the best way to beat a DUI charge is by showing reasonable doubt that you were the one driving. Most cases driving is not an issue; however, in a ...
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  • Should I represent myself in court?

    At your arraignment the judge will ask you how you plead (guilty, not guilty, or no contest) and if you have an attorney or need the court appoint you a lawyer (if you can’t afford one) or represent yourself. You have the right to represent yourself. However, this in not usually advisable. If you represent yourself you may not know all viable potential legal defenses or how to present them. You ...
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