Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • The Tragedy of Pleading Guilty to DUI Prematurely

    Contrary to the misguided stereotype that most people have about California DUI defendants, most people arrested for major DUI crimes -- like violating California Vehicle Code Section 23152, hit and run, or assaulting a police officer -- do not take a cavalier attitude towards their charges. They know that they face life-altering punishments, such as prison time, driver's license suspension, weeks ...
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  • Are You a Central California Accountant Accused of Fraud? Your Whole Career May Be on the Line

    As a professional accountant, you worked long and hard to obtain your CPA degree and other credentials, and you believe passionately in providing excellent service to your clients. However, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or you got in with the wrong people or somehow got unfairly accused of wrongdoing. You now face a felony accounting charge, which could lead to MANDATORY PRISON ...
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  • Could a Medical Condition Be Responsible for Your Recent Fresno DUI Charges?

    We've talked in the past about how aggressive DUI defense attorneys strive to turn over every stone to look for potential strategies to fight back against life altering DUI charges. Whether you stand accused of a simple misdemeanor DUI, after failing a field sobriety test at a Fresno checkpoint, and you now face charges per California Vehicle Code Section 23152; or police arrested you in ...
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  • Failed Your California Field Sobriety Test? Maybe You Were DUI... But Maybe You Weren't!

    Maybe police stopped you at a checkpoint and busted you for DUI, after you blew a 0.12 percent on your breath test (1.5 times the Golden State's legal limit, per California Vehicle Section 23152). Or maybe police arrested you after a fender-bender on a Fresno freeway for the crime of DUI with injury and hit and run. In either case, you are terrified and overwhelmed. Such feelings make rational ...
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  • What Is a "Wobbler"? And How Can You Get a Charge to "Wobble" You Way?

    As someone who stands accused of a serious crime, such as California DUI, domestic violence or a drug crime, you understandably (and logically) fear potential punishments, such as REAL JAIL TIME, loss of your license, destruction of your personal reputation, massive fines and fees, and insurance rate spikes. On the other hand, you've researched your charge online and discovered that California law ...
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