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  • 3 Horrendous Consequences of Your California DUI That You Haven't Considered

    Your DUI charges are keeping you awake at night, Ever since you saw those headlights in your rearview mirror and heard the blare of police sirens, you haven't been able to concentrate or think about your life, business or relationships. You know you need to engage in emergency measures to protect your freedom, STAY OUT OF JAIL and make amends to those you hurt (either in the accident or indirectly ...
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  • On the Verge of Losing Your California Real Estate License Because of a Felony Charge?

    You face a felony charge that could lead to the LOSS OF YOUR REAL ESTATE LICENSE as well as substantial jail time and other penalties. What can you do? Perhaps you did break the law or at least engage in dubious activities, but maybe not to the extent that your felony charges suggest. Or maybe you accidentally broke the law or committed a crime of moral turpitude, because you stupidly listened to ...
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  • On the Verge of Losing Your California Pharmacy License Because of a Felony Charge?

    As a California pharmacist, you spend a lot of time with patients, doctors and other stakeholders in the medical process. You love what you do, but you've recently been arrested on scary felony, theft, drug or alcohol charges. You want to avoid jail time, SAVE YOUR LICENSE, and protect your dignity and reputation. What should you do? What should you avoid doing? Avoid Doing: Talking about your ...
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  • Thinking About Pleading Guilty without Reflection to Your DUI Charge? Think Again.

    DUI charges are no joke. It bears repeating: A DUI conviction can CHANGE YOUR LIFE and lead to jail, license suspension, constrictive probation terms, fines and fees, legal costs, heightened insurance rates, and disruption to your professional and personal world. But even these threats often do not suffice to motivate people to defend vigorously against DUI charges. Many people just want to act as ...
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  • Driving DUI and Driving Without a License: a Combo That Easily Leads to Jail Time

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is unquestionably dangerous and dumb. But did you know that if you drive without a license or drive on a suspended license, you could also go to jail as well as suffer a smorgasbord of nasty punitive consequences? California Vehicle Code section 12500 establishes the punishments for driving without a license. These range from mildly annoying to the severe and ...
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