Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • When You Should be Read Your Miranda Rights

    Being arrested is something hard to prepare for. If you've never been arrested before, you might not know what to do or what to say. You have probably heard about your Miranda Rights , which should be read to you at the time of arrest. Your Miranda Rights are read to inform you of your rights when being detained. Of most concern to you at the time of arrest is your right to remain silent. When ...
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  • Court Ordered Payments

    Domestic violence related sentencing depends on the two things; the circumstances ofthe crime you committed and your criminal history. At a minimum, you can face a yearin jail and thousands in fines. As an alternative to jail time, sometimes you will be granted probation for a minimum of three years. Probation can come with stipulations that require the offender to complete certain actions in ...
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  • What to Know About Batterer's Education Classes

    As part of a California Domestic Violence offense, you may be ordered to take court-ordered educational classes that are meant to change your behavior going forward. These are sometimes called Batterer's Intervention Programs or Batterer's Education Program. These programs are usually court-ordered and most are geared towards men who have been convicted of domestic violence . When you get a court ...
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  • What to Know if You Have Multiple DUIs

    Getting one DUI will cost you time and money. Getting two or more DUIs will cost you significantly more time and money because in California, DUI sentencing gets harsher as you stack up offenses. Convictions will stay on your record for ten years and if you get another DUI during that period, you could face steeper fines and penalties than with your first DUI. With your second DUI, you will be ...
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