Blog Posts in December, 2016

  • Criminal Convictions and Military Eligibility

    Barriers to Service Serving in the armed forces requires strong moral character both as a prerequisite for enlistment and while in service. Consequently, the recruiting process for the armed forces involves assessing the applicant for enlistment standards that demonstrate moral fitness. Each specific defense unit maintains moral standards that must be met to accept a recruit. Screening for ...
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  • Can I Turn Around at a Sobriety Checkpoint?

    Avoiding Police Interactions DUI checkpoints are traffic stops where a police officer can stop cars without probable cause. California conducts 2,500 checkpoints annually . If you live in California, chances are good you’ve been inconvenienced in some way by a sobriety checkpoint. DUI checkpoints are not just a concern for those who drive under the influence. They slow traffic and are a hassle to ...
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  • How Long Do Criminal Trials Take?

    Criminal Cases: From Start to Finish The criminal prosecution process can be bewildering to someone who has never faced criminal charges. From the arrest to the trial and sentencing, the defendant has to wait and be patient. Facing criminal charges can make you feel like your life is on hold, and this makes the confusion and sluggish process all the worse. You have the right to a speedy trial , ...
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  • DUIs and Student Financial Aid Eligibility

    Do DUIs Affect Aid? Being convicted of a crime can affect you in many areas of your life. Long after you have served your sentence, you can face discrimination and disqualification from opportunities in your life down the road. One very important opportunity is student financial aid. Certain criminal convictions can affect a student’s financial aid eligibility . But not all types of aid will be ...
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  • Is Sealing Your Record the Same as Expungement?

    Sealing the Past Cleaning your criminal record can be fraught with exceptions, exclusions, and requirements that may make it seem like no matter what you do, someone somewhere will be able to view your conviction history. This is true in many cases; sometimes cleaning your record alters what is on your record but does not completely erase your criminal history. In a few select cases, however, ...
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  • How a Conviction Can Affect Your Federal Assistance

    The Consequences of Crime A criminal conviction can affect many areas of your life. It can rob you of your freedom, it can cost you money and time, it can take away some of your rights and privileges, it can affect your status in society and your relationships with people, and it can cause you to miss out on countless opportunities. Those opportunities will be missed long after you’ve served your ...
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  • DUI With Property Damage

    Causing Damage With a DUI Getting a DUI will result in the loss of your license, a large fine, jail time, DUI school, and potentially community service and an ignition interlock device. This is a lot to deal with for what is often just a simple mistake. As if the penalties for a DUI aren’t harsh enough, you could face an even harsher sentence if you make other mistakes while driving under the ...
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