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  • Domestic Violence Crimes and Custody

    How Crime Can Affect Custody A California domestic violence conviction will change your life in many ways. You could face jail time, probation, fees and fines, and be ordered to attend a counseling, therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, or anger management program. Among these penalties, the custody of your child may be affected as well. Even if you don’t have custody, your visitation rights could ...
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  • Fines for Domestic Violence Convictions

    The Costs of Domestic Violence When facing domestic violence charges, you have a lot at stake. Your dignity, pride, and freedom may be on the line. What you may not realize is your bank account may be jeopardized as well. A domestic violence conviction can result in fines, fees, and other required payments that must be paid as part of your sentencing or as a condition of your probation. While jail ...
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  • What Is Mouth Alcohol?

    The Scientific Approach to DUI Defense It is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in California. This “influence” can be determined by observing your driving behavior or by measuring how much alcohol was in your blood at the time you were driving. This measurement is the blood alcohol concentration or content level of the defendant. This is generally referred to as a BAC ...
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  • What Is a Batterers’ Intervention Program?

    The Basics of Batterers’ Programs Domestic violence in California is never taken lightly. There are many consequences of a domestic violence charge, which can include jail time, probation, and hefty fines. The terms and conditions of probation given for a domestic violence offense in California are extensive under Penal Code 1203.097. Probation will last a minimum of 36 months. A criminal ...
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  • Will a High BAC Result in a Harsher Sentence?

    What Your BAC Test Results Could Really Cost You California DUI laws are complex because there are many variables that can significantly affect the outcome of your case. Your history of prior offenses, your age, your type of driver’s license, and your BAC level can all increase the seriousness of the offense. It doesn’t matter how little you drank when facing DUI charges. Sometimes, even one drink ...
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  • Can Out of State Restraining Orders Be Enforced?

    The law can vary quite a bit from state to state. What is illegal in one state may be perfectly legal in another. Nevertheless, you are expected to follow certain laws that apply in all states. Laws regarding abuse or domestic violence are fairly far reaching. Restraining orders, also sometimes called protective orders, can be obtained in any state, but they can still be enforced when you or the ...
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  • Will I Get Mandatory Jail Time for a DUI?

    DUI sentencing in California is highly regulated. Whether it is your first or fourth DUI, many of the penalties of a California DUI conviction are mandatory and non-negotiable. Most people are concerned about jail time after being arrested for a DUI. For a first-time DUI, you could face up to six months in a county jail. While this may be cause for worry, many DUI offenders are not given the ...
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  • Can I Expunge an Infraction?

    There are three types of crimes recognized by the California criminal justice system: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Infractions are the least serious offense, but nevertheless many people would rather not have anything on their record at all. Many infraction crimes in California are traffic violations, such as exceeding the speed limit. There are also non-traffic criminal infractions, ...
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  • Will I Get Probation for a Domestic Violence Conviction?

    Probation is one of the many potential consequences of being convicted of a crime in California. Probation may be given instead of or in addition to jail time in many criminal cases. Probation is a way for the courts to ensure you pay your debt to society without sending yet another offender into the overcrowded county jail system. Domestic violence cases are no different. You will be given at ...
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