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  • Consequences of Multiple Domestic Violence Convictions

    Facing the Penalties A domestic violence conviction will result in several harsh penalties, including jail time and large fines. California takes an aggressive stance toward domestic violence offenses. Dedicated prosecution units handle domestic violence cases, giving defendants very little chance of slipping through the cracks. Even first-time offenses are punished severely in hopes of deterring ...
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  • Suppressing Evidence in Criminal Trials

    Trial Procedure The use of evidence in criminal trials is heavily regulated. We all enjoy the right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment. This is a very important right to have, especially in a criminal trial. In a criminal trial, the prosecutor bears the burden of producing evidence sufficient to convict the defendant. Without that evidence, the case could be ...
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  • How Drug Charges Can Affect Student Financial Aid

    Essential Student Aid For many students, federal financial aid is an indispensable source of support that helps them get through school. Without financial aid, many students do not have the option to go to college. Federal financial aid is indeed a valuable privilege, but students can lose that privilege. Unfortunately, certain criminal charges can affect a student’s financial aid eligibility. ...
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  • 3 DUI Defenses You Didn’t Know About

    Different Defenses Facing DUI charges doesn’t necessarily mean you will be convicted. Successful DUI defenses are used to help people avoid convictions everyday. The prosecution must prove you were driving under the influence to convict you, and sometimes this is hard to do based off of the relatively little evidence collected during a DUI investigation. Many defendants take advantage of this and ...
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  • Getting a Governor’s Pardon

    Petitioning for Forgiveness If you’ve been convicted of a felony and sentenced to state prison or otherwise put under the authority of the California Department of Corrections, your options for cleaning your record are limited. You are not eligible to have a conviction dismissed through the process of expungement. This is unfortunate because expungement can greatly increase your chances of getting ...
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  • Can I Handle a DUI Trial on My Own?

    Trials With No Errors If you are facing DUI charges and want to fight them, you may be considering whether trial is right for you. If you decide to go to trial to fight your charges, your next decision will be whether or not to hire a trial attorney. You may not need a criminal defense attorney if you are pleading guilty to a crime, but if you are fighting your charges and going all the way to ...
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  • What Shows Up on a Criminal Background Check

    Background Check Basics One of the most cumbersome effects of a criminal conviction is having a criminal record. Long after your sentence is served and your fines are paid, you will face constant reminders of your mistake every time someone runs a criminal background check on you. And that can happen often. Potential employers, volunteer agencies, landlords, and lenders frequently run background ...
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  • Hidden Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in California

    Collateral Consequences Serving your sentence for a criminal conviction fulfills your responsibility and duty to the court and to society. After you have completed your sentence, however, you could still suffer from the hidden consequences of a criminal conviction. These collateral consequences can significantly hold someone back from reentering the community and living a productive life. Often, ...
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  • Does the Severity of Injuries Matter in a DV Case?

    Assessing the Injuries As with many crimes, the facts and circumstances of a domestic violence case will influence how the defendant is charged and sentenced. One of the most important influencing factors in domestic violence (DV) cases is the severity of injuries the victim sustained. More severe injuries typically mean you will face a more serious charge or an enhanced sentence. DV Without ...
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