Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • Is a DUI a Criminal Traffic Ticket?

    What Is a Criminal Traffic Ticket? DUI (driving under the influence) is a criminal offense in California. Some jurisdictions used to view driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated an aggravated traffic citation. But, today, a DUI in California is charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Many people wonder if DUI is a traffic ticket, a criminal offense, or a criminal traffic ticket. ...
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  • DUI Outcomes: Here’s How to Move On

    DUI Outcomes Explained Moving on after a DUI conviction can be difficult. DUI outcomes aren’t easy, nor is the experience of being arrested for a DUI easy to forget. But countless others have been in your shoes and have moved on with their lives. Among the many consequences of a DUI are jail time, fines, alcohol education classes, probation, and a suspended license. You could also be ordered to go ...
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  • What’s My Right to Due Process?

    Defining the Right to Due Process Despite what many people argue, our constitutional rights are still relevant today. One, in particular, the right to due process, is especially important. Protected under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment, our right to due process means we cannot be convicted of a crime without fair legal proceedings. In plain terms, we have a right to argue our case before being ...
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  • California DUI Arrests Are More Common Than You Think: Here’s Why

    California DUI Arrests Are Prevalent Facing DUI charges in California? You’re not alone. California DUI arrests are very common. In fact: In 2013, there were 160,388 California DUI arrests. In 2016, the California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended 134,595 licenses due to drunk driving under the Administrative Per Se law . The Admin Per Se law suspends the license of anyone arrested for DUI. ...
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  • 5 Major Changes to California Laws in 2018

    With each New Year come new laws. In 2018, California made many changes to laws, but here are the ones that will change the criminal defense landscape in particular. Employers are banned from asking about prior convictions on job applications. This is part of the “Ban the Box” initiative. The new Assembly Bill 1008 expands on a 2013 bill that affected public employers and now covers private ...
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  • Keyed a Car in California: Here’s the Worst That Can Happen

    A Common Method of Revenge We’ve all been mad enough at someone to damage their property. Not everyone acts on these feelings, but those that do can face criminal charges. Keying someone’s car is a common revenge tactic. It seems simple enough. Cars are accessed easily. We often carry keys with us. And it may seem like you can get away with keying a car without any witnesses. In reality, many ...
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  • The Victim’s Word Against Yours: Conflicting Domestic Violence Stories

    Weighing the Victim’s Word Against Yours Domestic violence offenses are unique because, in a court of law, the most powerful evidence is sometimes testimony from the alleged victim and abuser. And when it’s the victim’s word against yours , it’s harder to defend yourself. Not surprisingly, the victim’s word can sound more believable to a judge and jury. Unfortunately, many people have taken ...
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  • Are California Domestic Violence Classes Effective?

    California Domestic Violence Classes: Benefit or Burden? The criminal courts order all those convicted of domestic violence offenses attend California domestic violence classes for 52 weeks. These classes are part of Batterers Intervention Programs , which aim to rehabilitate offenders. Far from a minor inconvenience, they are an intensive—and mandatory—condition of probation. Many argue the ...
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  • California Sentencing Guidelines: Will the Judge Go Easy on Me?

    How California Sentencing Guidelines Determine Penalties for Crimes Many people facing criminal charges have one thought at the front of their mind: will the judge go easy on me or will I get a harsh sentence? This is a crucial question because sentencing for a California criminal conviction can include incarceration, probation, fines, victim restitution, loss of certain rights, a criminal ...
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