Case Results

  • Burglary with Gang Allegation

    Not Guilty

    Client was charged with a residential burglary where a gun was stolen, Penal Code 485 and special allegation for the benefit of a criminal street gang, a violation of Penal code 286.22. Our Client was also charged with possession of a stolen gun, and felon in possession of a firearm. Client was facing nearly 20 years if convicted.

    The prosecution refused to dismiss the case even though the only evidence that had was a surveillance tape that was so low quality that when viewed by the jury left them no choice but to find our client not guilty. Even with no evidence the prosecution refused to admit they had the wrong person.

    Case Number: 12CM4062

  • Domestic Violence

    Case Dismissed

    VCM276514 - Client charged with corporal injury to spouse California Penal Code 243(e)(1), Case dismissed with prejudice on day of trial. No jail, no fine, and no criminal record.

    Case Number: VCM276514

  • Felony Domestic Violence

    Case Dismissed

    Client charged with a felony for domestic violence. Case dismissed in Tulare Superior Court.

  • People v. Griffith


    The Law Offices of Christopher Martens represented Mr. Griffith on his motion for a new trial. The Appellate Court stated regarding the motion for a new trial “The trial court abused its discretion in excluding highly relevant evidence about Winspur’s possible impairment and intoxication during trial and when making tactical decisions about the case and then denied the motion for new trial on the basis that Griffith presented no evidence that Winspur was under the influence of alcohol during trial. As such, the denial of the motion for new trial was an abuse of discretion.”

    The Law Offices of Christopher Martens represented Mr. Griffith on his motion for a new trial. All of this information is available from the court's rulling. The link to the courts ruling is here:

  • Resisting Arrest

    Not Guilty

    Client charged with a Felony Violation of Penal Code 69, Resisting arrest with force and Violence. Our client was trying to remove a person who was refusing to get out of his car. The passenger had gotten in to the car and was refusing to leave unless our client gave them money.

    The off duty police officer was not wearing his uniform of carrying his badge, and he was not in his police car. The off duty police officer tried to intervene and without asking any questions or doing any investigation assumed that our client was committing the crime of Penal Code 273.5, commonly known as Battery on Spouse or Cohabitant. Based on the wrongful assumption that our client was committing a crime, our client was thrown to the ground and he tried to pull away from the officer.

    Our client was also charged with a battery on the person who he was trying to remove from his car.

    Our client was offered a deal for no jail time and a misdemeanor Penal Code 148.1 Resisting arrest, But he did nothing wrong and refused to plead guilty for something he didn’t do. He was found not guilty of Felony PC 69, not guilty of the lesser included charge of PC 148 and the jury hung on the misdemeanor battery charge and it was later dismissed by the district attorney after finding out that the Jury voted 10 for not guilty and only 2 for guilty.

    Case Number: VCF273198